Beautiful native american wisdom. I first heard this tale in a native american course at uni

So true, and wonderfully illustrated.


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‘allo (by Amit)

I really like this picture of an Alpaca.


‘allo (by Amit)

I really like this picture of an Alpaca.

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India 2013 Team

From left to right:
Top: Kimberly Hogarth (Nursing Instructor), Mary DeLong (Nursing Instructor), Melissa Yeh (Digital Media Student), Kandice Edwards (Nursing Student), Jessie Berry (Nursing Student), Lynn Knelson (William’s Wife), William Knelson (Digital Media Supervisor)
Middle: Marica Fedowkowski (Nursing Student), Trudy Reimer (Nursing Student) Deborah Maxwell (Mark Maxwell’s Daughter), Ashton Nuefield (Nursing Student)
Bottom: Dustin Greer (Digital Media Student)

India: Day 1…

Our first day in india, was unfortunately spent catching up on much needed sleep in Mumbai.

With only 45 minutes to catch our connecting flight in London Heathrow airport, we rushed as fast as we could to check in 13 people in the already packed and busy airport.

British Airways decided that we wouldn’t make our flight, even though the plane was still at the terminal by the time we checked in. One of our team members, Joy Collins, was scheduled to meet us there, and united we would fly out to Hyderabad India. But because of this little hiccup in our plans, Joy ended up flying all by herself, and being greeted by 3 drivers and 3 vans on the other end.

So instead of going directly to Hyderabd, British Airways decided they would put us on the next flight into Mumbai, and from there take an Indian airline to our destination…. We’ve heard many horror stories about flying within India itself. None of us were very thrilled.

Mumbai’s pillars were very ornate, like everything in India. We couldn’t go outside or check in for a good couple hours, so we made the best of it, exchanged currency, at food, and catch up and almost 2 days or no sleep.

With all of our bags full of Video and photography equipment, medical supplies and gifts for the Dalit children, we tried to utilize what we had to get at least more than 2 hours of sleep. Not the comfiest of beds, but better than trying to sleep sitting up right.

Finally after another 5 or so hours of waiting, we were on our way to Hyderabad. Air India was like Westjet, but with your Indian grandmother’s clothing as seat covers.

Finally in Hyderabad, driving at night towards our hotel after 2 and a half days worth of traveling. Everyone was very eager to hit the showers, and then hit the sack right after for a much needed rest. Very fortunate to be staying the Marriot hotel.